19 best marketing automation tools in 2023

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In the age of digital transformation, marketing automation tools have become a key imperative for any business striving to gain a competitive edge. Today, organizations are leveraging automation technology to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks, saving their teams valuable resources that can be reinvested in growth-related activities.

However, the best marketing automation tools can do so much more. These market-leading solutions provide organizations with the insights and capabilities necessary to create efficient and effective marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll review the 19 best marketing automation tools in 2023.

The first on our list is SurveyMonkey. This powerful survey platform allows marketers to collect data from customers by creating surveys, questionnaires, polls and forms. As a result, marketers are able to better understand their target audiences and craft more effective campaigns.

Next on the list is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is a comprehensive, data-driven marketing platform that gives marketers unprecedented insights into customer behaviour. With features such as automated customer segmentation, marketers can target the right customers with the right message, at the right time.

For organizations looking to build an effective email marketing strategy, MailChimp is an excellent option. This tool enables marketers to create, target and track sophisticated email campaigns, using a library of templates, automated campaigns and reports.

HubSpot is another tool worth considering. This all-in-one platform provides marketers with built-in content creation, analytics, automation and lead management capabilities. It’s an ideal platform for businesses to scale their marketing efforts with ease.

Klaviyo is an ecommerce-specific marketing automation tool that focuses on personalization. With its user-friendly interface, Klaviyo enables businesses to deliver tailored emails and messages to their customers.

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media automation tools, allowing businesses to schedule posts across multiple platforms, track conversations and manage accounts. It’s an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to increase their social presence and maximize engagement.

For marketers looking to build their own automated campaigns, Autopilot is an effective solution. This tool enables businesses to create automated campaigns based on triggers, touchpoints, and customer lifecycle stages.

Marketo is an effective marketing automation platform with a robust set of features. It lets marketers create personalized campaigns and connect with customers using email, SMS and web campaigns.

Pardot is another automated marketing platform with powerful analytics capabilities. It can be used to create lead nurturing campaigns, surveys, as well as visitor tracking and lead scoring.

Not to be left out, Constant Contact is a comprehensive email marketing tool that allows marketers to craft professional emails and track results with ease. It’s an effective way for businesses to reach their customers and achieve better engagement.

Also worth noting is Zoho Campaigns. This highly customizable platform enables businesses to create customized marketing campaigns with various components such as emails, newsletters and more.

AWeber is an intuitive email automation platform with a drag-and-drop editor. Businesses can use it to craft email campaigns and track their results to measure success.

Buffer is an automated social media posting tool ideal for businesses of any size. With its drag-and-drop builder, marketers can schedule posts on multiple social media networks simultaneously.

Sprout Social is another well-known social media automation tool. It provides businesses of all sizes with powerful analytics, engagement metrics and team collaboration features.

Wishpond is a powerful suite of marketing automation tools designed for small businesses. With this platform, marketers can design, track and optimize marketing campaigns.

LeadSquared is an end-to-end marketing automation solution that helps marketers streamline their campaigns and track lead conversions.

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that enables businesses to visualize their entire customer-facing processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

ACT-ON is a comprehensive marketing automation platform ideal for businesses of all sizes. With features such as segmentation, lead nurturing and website analytics, marketers can get the most out of their campaigns.

Finally, HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with powerful sales and branding capabilities. It lets marketers automate their customer interactions and measure their performance in real-time.

These are the 19 best marketing automation tools in 2023. With the help of this suite of tools, businesses can automate their campaigns and achieve the desired results in any industry. Digital marketing is part of the plans of any company that seeks to offer personalized experiences and greater contact with its customers.

The results of well-executed strategies can easily be seen in increased audience and sales, but as gains from digital marketing increase, the need to dedicate to its complexity and execution time also grows. Therefore, investing in marketing automation tools, designed to streamline processes and produce detailed reports, may be the next step your company needs to take to continue on the path of success.

What is marketing automation?

Chances are you’ve already come across this term if you’ve been looking for ways to improve your business’s digital marketing results. After all, this is an essential concept for successful strategies. In short: marketing automation is the set of tools and technologies used by a business to save time, reduce errors and increase sales. Reaching leads and offering valuable content to take them to a sales funnel requires a series of operational actions. Publishing posts, offering ebooks and videos in exchange for filling out forms and evaluating data generated by the public are activities that generate relevant results, but take a lot of time to execute. This is where automation tools show their greatest value. With them, marketing teams spend less time performing operational activities and have more time to optimize their strategies.

Best marketing automation tool

Now that you know a little more about marketing automation, we can help you choose the right tool for your business.

1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a SaaS (Software as a service) company that offers solutions for digital marketing and relationship marketing. It offers functionalities for communication, with e-mail marketing, SMS marketing and chat. Personalization solutions with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation and transactional emails. And Conversion functions, with forms, landing pages, Facebook ads and retargeting. The flow customization options that SendinBlue offers range from the basics, with welcome or happy birthday emails, to advanced structures with endless automation customization possibilities. Digital entrepreneurs who recognize the impacts that small details, variations and tests have on their flow structures find in SendinBlue the opportunity to show the full potential of the results of a well-connected digital strategy. SendinBlue offers 3 fixed monthly plans: Lite, Essential and Premium. The company also has a negotiable option for those with advanced needs in marketing automation, the Business plan. The investment is made in dollars, but it certainly has its advantages.

2. E-goi

Multichannel communication is the main quality that the Portuguese platform E-goi is committed to offering. With the tool, you have access to the following channels: email marketing, SMS marketing, web push notifications, mobile push notifications, voice calls, email and transactional SMS (Slingshot) and own Ads. With this vast amount of channel options and marketing tools, you can feed your automation process with data and direct leads on the best paths to make your process even more efficient. You can hire the Portuguese platform through monthly packages that vary according to the number of contacts.

3. RD Station

RD Station is the leading marketing automation tool in the Latin American market. Developed by the Brazilian company Soluções Digitais, one of the platform’s greatest strengths is its ease of use. That is, creating automation flows, landing pages and several other tasks become simpler activities and do not require a programmer. Another automatic action performed by the platform is through the monitoring of leads: their classification and score according to the purchase potential of each one of them. RD Station can be hired in different plans that fit the needs of your business. Learn more about the tool by checking features included in all plans: Basic marketing automation;

  • Landing pages; Pop-ups;
  • Email marketing;
  • Contact management;
  • Integrations with various tools.
  • It is worth checking out the features offered in higher versions of the service. Investing in these features could be the key turn that was missing for your business to grow even more. The tool offers scalable plans for your business and, therefore, the investment amount will depend directly on the chosen plan and number of features you are looking for.

    4. pivot

    Dinamize is a marketing automation tool focused on results. In addition to automatic email marketing submissions, the platform also offers features that facilitate the creation of actions, sales and loyalty of your audience. Within Dinamize’s work environment, it is possible to create welcome actions using specific SMS or those adapted for automated processes. In addition, it is possible to use the tool to redirect visitors to your website to a WhatsApp conversation, offering alternatives for relationship with the public to generate more sales. In addition, it is possible to administer solutions for lead management, lead scoring, lead tracking, site metrics and integrate the tool with CRMs. It is possible to hire Dinamize for three different plans, recommended for different levels of business. The Starter plan has the management of just one site and is recommended for small businesses, the PRO plan has the management of up to five sites and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of it, and finally, the Advanced plan, for large companies managing 10 or more sites.

    5. HubSpot

    Are you the type of digital entrepreneur who likes to manage your marketing activities in one place? Then HubSpot’s Marketing Hub could be an ideal choice. This is a complete tool, which has several functions in just one login, one interface and one database. A proposal that can optimize your time, after all, it will no longer be necessary to access and unify different platforms. By using Marketing Hub, your business has everything it needs to create and automate campaigns where your leads will naturally find their way to purchase:

  • Landing Pages;
  • Lead Management;
  • Email; Customer Journey Analysis; Social Media ;

  • Monitoring the ROI of your advertising;
  • SEO; Blog. An important differential is that the company also has different digital marketing tools, which can be hired from the Marketing Hub in just one package:

  • Sales Hub, sales optimization software.
  • Service Hub, customer service software.
  • CMS Hub, content management software for websites.
  • Hiring HubSpot is an investment made in dollars, but don’t let that put you off. The marketing automation tool offers both basic plans like Marketing Hub and professional packages that include all HubSpot solutions.

    6. Snov.io

    Snov.io is a tool that can help you significantly improve your outreach processes.Among its main features, we highlight:

  • Email drip campaigns: create email sequences to feed your leads;
  • Email verification;

  • Sent email tracking and email search companies, customers, etc. The tool’s main objective is to help you find more leads and, consequently, have access to more business opportunities. In addition to having excellent ratings on Trustpilot, the Snov.io extension already has more than 100,000 users on the Chrome Web Store. It is worth checking and making it easier to capture emails and contacts for your base.

    7. Plooms

    Ploomes is an automation platform with several features that make operational and management activities in your business more practical. The contra tool with 3 core features: CRM, Workflow and budget automation with configurable pricing. Its use also allows the configuration of advanced automations to optimize your results. It is possible to classify leads without interaction in a period as inactive, to create automatic tasks after meeting completion. To hire the Ploomes service, talk to one of its consultants about one of the 3 available options: Express, Enterprise and Platinum.

    8. Fleeg

    A great option for anyone looking for automation tools to simplify and make their marketing processes human, should check out Fleeg. Its focus is on lead engagement with features aimed at automating email marketing, creating landing pages and website integrations. With its own built-in CRM and integrations with sales and reporting tools, the automation platform can centralize a wealth of services in one place. The plan to contract the platform can be purchased in the Full version or in the Slim version and the monthly fee will vary according to the number of users who will use the tool.

    9. Leadlovers

    Leadlovers is a platform that seeks to build an authentic relationship between brands and customers. To achieve this goal, it offers several quality tools for digital marketing automation. This is an excellent option for self-employed digital entrepreneurs. Ready-made vending machine templates with pages and email sequences can be used with just one click. In addition to offering the main automation functions, Leadlovers has a simplified and easy-to-use page creation function, in addition to providing more than 450 ready-made templates for free. You will have a lot of freedom when creating email sequences. Leads can be moved between email sequences using triggers and conditional triggers can prevent them from receiving certain sequences. Those who work with infoproducts will find a tempting differential in leadlovers: automatic sales and integration with different payment methods. You can hire leadlovers through the monthly or annual plan, which offers a discount on the total amount.

    10. Mautic

    Mautic is currently the largest open source digital marketing automation tool and is free to use, but that does not mean you will stop spending on automation processes. To use it, you will need to invest in hosting, configuration and an email service for sending email marketing. Because it is open source software, the community continually contributes suggestions and improvements. In addition, the program can be integrated with several other tools to optimize its use. Among the main solutions that Mautic offers, the following stand out: monitoring your website visitors (lead tracking and lead scoring), flow and automation of online campaigns, sending email marketing, forms, landing pages and tracking metrics.

    11. ActiveCampaign

    More than automating your email, ActiveCampaign aims to activate the entire experience of its customers.ActiveCampaign achieves this goal with a A very interesting proposal for entrepreneurs who still have little experience in the development of automation flows. Its intuitive interface is easy to use for anyone looking to start their automation activities. Of course, in addition to having a robust suite of email, SMS and messaging solutions, the platform also has site and event monitoring, automation goals and roadmap, automation A/B testing and attribution models.What closes the package and makes this a great tool for those who are entering the world of digital marketing and automation is that, in addition to email support, they offer online chat service, great for answering your questions in real time. The price of your packages varies according to the number of your base. Choose between Lite, Professional and Business packages according to your business needs.

    12. Mailchimp

    Mailchimp is a simple-to-use tool that offers solutions for websites and interactions with your audience, email marketing personalization and email automation, postcard reminders and ad retargeting. You also need to pay attention to a detail that may affect your decision when choosing the best automation platform: Mailchimp is only available in English. If this is not a barrier for you or your team, this can be an excellent option for anyone looking for efficiency when managing their digital strategies. Integration with e-commerce and accurate analyzes contribute to making this a simple but complete tool. To subscribe to the paid versions of Mailchimp, choose between 3 monthly plans with limited numbers of contacts: Essentials, Standard, and Premium.

    13. LAHAR

    The proposal that LAHAR brings as a marketing automation tool is to simplify your digital strategy. And how does she fulfill this proposal? Offering a complete platform for creating flows rich in details. In addition, LAHAR offers functions that can bring new opportunities to your campaigns, such as: Contact base (CRM): understanding the desires, pains and interests of the leads, increasing the efficiency of your sales team becomes much easier; White Label: an opportunity to agencies to use their names and brands in the services offered by LAHAR, ensuring more personalization in customer service.

  • Having a quality service from a company that has already been awarded twice by Abcomm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce) as the best digital marketing tool in Brazil is an important differential when choosing a marketing automation service for your business. LAHAR’s plans, like those of other companies already mentioned, vary according to its base, which means that the tool is scalable and will be able to follow your growth.

    14. metallics

    How about giving opportunity to a new company in the automation market? Metlycs was founded in 2023 and was born from a startup in São Paulo. Despite having little time on the market, the company seeks to offer several solutions on a single platform to compete with already established big names. Its automation function leaves nothing to be desired compared to other companies. You decide the path that leads converted by landing pages, pop-ups, API, forms and email will take in your strategy. In addition to automation, Metlycs has the following features:


    • Segmentation;
    • Landing page;
    • Pop-up;
    • Competitor tracking; Ping, to detect instabilities on your website. Hire Metlycs services through the plan that best fits your reality, choosing between the Initial or Professional plan according to your needs.

      15. Autopilot

      As its name implies, Autopilot has the proposal to put lead segmentation, lead nurturing and email marketing processes on autopilot. A great advantage of using this automation platform is the possibility of having the consumer’s journey monitored, providing valuable information so that personalized strategies can be developed for qualified leads. Other resources that are also available are content creation tools in SMS, messaging apps and other channels. Autopilot plans are divided into Silver, Gold and Platinum and their prices will differ according to the number of contacts included in each of the plans.

      16. keep

      Keap’s proposal is to offer a quality service so that small companies can focus more on their work by optimizing processes related to their contacts. Through the tool, it is possible to send email marketing campaigns, send customized emails and monitor the behavior of your customers. In addition, the platform also has resources for creating landing pages and changing active campaigns if this need arises. It is possible to hire the tool for 3 different plans: Keap Grow, Keap Pro and Infusionsoft.

      17. SharpSpring

      Looking for a marketing automation tool for your agency? Check out the features SharpSpring offers and deliver a higher value service to your customers. The platform benefits from features such as automated lead nurturing, potential customer filtering using lead scoring, segmentation features and super intuitive visual nurturing flows. To find out about the values ​​and plans for hiring the tool, you must first schedule a demonstration of its use.

      18. wishpond

      Wishpond is a marketing automation tool focused on offering an optimized experience through a pleasant, simple and practical interface. When checking the platform’s functionalities, we found lead nurturing services, segmentation, personalized emails and real-time reports. In addition, using Wishpond it is also possible to build and manage landing, create popups, create forms and create custom sweepstakes or contests to generate engagement with your audience. The automation tool has 3 plans available: Basic, Pro and Growth, meeting the needs of businesses of different sizes and all of them can be tested for free for 14 days.

      19. AdRoll

      AdRoll is a tool developed to optimize the retargeting of your audience through engagement in ads on Facebook and Twitter. Its functionalities enable retargeting across channels, devices and flexible targeting, offering a customized purchase journey that improves customer experiences and the efficiency of your campaign. A great tool for anyone looking for omnichannel strategies, AdRoll also features conversion reporting, optimized data analysis, and flexible targeting. To start using this tool, you need to purchase one of the 3 plans offered: Starter, recommended for beginners in marketing, Essentials, functions necessary for medium-sized campaigns and Growh, suitable for advanced users and complex campaigns.

      5 benefits of automating the digital marketing of your business

      After knowing 18 of the main digital marketing automation tools, you’re ready to choose the one that perfectly matches your entrepreneur profile, but wait a little before deciding. Since your interest in the subject has shown to be great, check out the main advantages of automation in digital marketing.

      1. Productivity increase

      By automating the operational tasks of their digital campaigns, entrepreneurs or their marketing professionals have more time to dedicate themselves to strategic tasks that bring greater results, making them significantly more productive.

      two. Increase the opening rate of your emails

      If you are looking to increase the opening rate of your emails, automating is the best way. According to a study conducted by marketing services provider, Epsilon, emails that are part of an automation flow have a 70.5% higher open rate.

      3. Greater number of leads and greater number of sales

      According to research conducted by Email Monday, an email marketing consultancy, strategies that used marketing automation in emails saw an 80% increase in lead generation and a 77% increase in the number of conversions.

      4. Cost reduction

      Your campaigns will become more profitable by optimizing strategies that reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), that is, the amount invested in strategies and actions that aim to reach and capture new consumers, making them enter the top of your funnel sales.

      5. Union of the marketing and sales team

      Your marketing team will spend less time performing operational tasks, as a result, the reports and data generated by automation will be analyzed more effectively and will be able to feed your sales team to ensure even better results.

      Ready to automate digital marketing in your business?

      We hope this article has helped you on your journey through digital marketing automation and helped you find the tool that perfectly fits your business needs.And of course, don’t forget that many of these tools can be integrated into JivoChat’s service channels, so you can transfer information about leads directly from chat conversations and service sessions to your customer base.

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