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In the competitive digital marketing space, creating an effective and engaging landing page is essential for effective lead generation. With so many strategies and techniques to consider, a variety of landing page designs can become overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many ways to create a great landing page without breaking the bank. Here are 11 of the best ways to create a free landing page.

1.Research & Define Objectives: Before beginning the process of creating a landing page, it is important to know what you are trying to accomplish. What action do you want your users to take? What goals will this landing page help you reach? Go through this process first so you can plan accordingly.

2. Choose One CTA: Select one call to action (CTA) for your landing page. If you have multiple offerings, it is still best to pick just one. Make sure the CTA links directly to your offering and position it prominently on the page.

3. Keep It Short & Simple: Keep your landing page design clean and clutter-free. The longer and more complex the page, the more likely the user will become overwhelmed and exit the page. Remember, the goal is to keep the page concise and drive the user towards your CTA.

4. Utilize Quality Imagery: High quality visuals can make a huge impact on your landing page success. Pick visuals that represent your brand and offering in the best way possible. Since people process visual elements much faster than written text, it can be the differentiator between a click or a bounce.

5. Choose Appropriate Copy: Create the appropriate messaging for the page that instantly resonates with the users. Be conscious of the tone and length of the text you use, as it should be easy to understand and clear. Aim to keep your messaging in alignment with your CTA and emphasize how this offering can add value to a user.

6. Confirm Mobile-Friendly: Make sure your landing page is fundamentally mobile-friendly and pass the Google Mobile speed test. An increasing number of users browse through their phones and tablets; optimizing the page for mobile devices is essential for meeting the user’s needs.

7. Focus on Benefits: Instead of listing product features, focus on the page content on the benefits to the user. This will help highlight the value of the product and encourage a user to take action.

8. Use A/B testing: A/B testing will allow you to determine which components of your landing page work best with your users. Experiment with different landing pages and design elements such as, font type, CTA color and placement, and copy to figure out the most effective landing page design according to your user’s feedback.

9. Use Videos: Video content is a powerful tool that can help inform and entertain potential users. Videos don’t have to be long or costly; create a short informative video that explains the product offerings with little effort. Typically, video content encourages viewers to stay longer on a page and increases the chance of a user taking action.

10. Use Social Proof: Showcase any customer reviews and endorsements that can strengthen the credibility of your offering on the landing page. Social proof reassures potential customers, especially those who are unfamiliar with the product or brand, and can help convert more leads from the page.

11. Track & Analyze Performance: Track the performance of your page using tools such as Google Analytics. Gather data from page visits, CTA clicks, and average time spent on the page to assess impact and make necessary changes if need be.

Ultimately, creating a great landing page for free can be achievable for anybody. With proper research and effective integration of design elements, creating a landing page to generate leads can be successful. Take time to identify the right methods to create the landing page that best resonates with your users, and you will be well on your way to success. When it comes to digital marketing, landing pages act as one of the protagonists in converting visitors to your website or blog into leads for your sales funnel.

Having landing pages in your digital strategy is a versatile practice that can generate many results. They are used in different market segments with different objectives, such as capture, conversion and even sales. Another big advantage of using them is their affordability. Today, you will find several robust tools prepared to serve large businesses, but don’t worry, there are also affordable and even free options for small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs to develop their digital strategies.But before we move on to our list and start checking out where to create free landing pages using some of the best tools, we need to fully understand what they are and how to use them.

What is a landing page ?

Before understanding how to create a free landing page, you need to understand what a landing page is within the context of digital marketing.The landing page, which is also known as the capture page, is a page created with the purpose of generating conversions.Which can happen in different ways according to your main objective: following a page, watching a video, filling out a form, buying.That is, you can create several different and independent pages on your website according to your goals and active campaigns.To optimize your results with this resource, try to create objective pages, without distractions and a highlighted call to action that is aligned with the goals defined in your strategy.Offering value in exchange for access to your landing page is essential for conversions to be obtained, otherwise you will have visitors but not convert them into leads.This offer can be made in the form of content with videos, exclusive PDFs, discount coupons, among many other things that your audience can see as something valuable.

Know the difference between Landing page and Homepage

While there are key differences, the terms can confuse some people. To clarify your doubts, check out the following content and better understand what changes between the two types of pages and learn to differentiate them. Homepage is the main page of a website, where users can choose the different ways to access the resources offered by the website. It usually has different images, links and may contain ads. Landing page is a page created with the purpose of making your visitors perform a certain action, usually in exchange for valuable content for them. They usually have only a highlighted call to action and few elements, to keep the focus on the main objective.

How to create a free landing page?

Very large and elaborate campaigns may require more complete tools to create free landing pages, but if you have a medium or small business or are self-employed, tools that offer free solutions can be an excellent option.Having a well-designed landing page, regardless of the resource used to create it, will complete your digital marketing strategy, giving your business the opportunity to gain new leads. Check out 10 of the best tools with options to create your free landing pages today below.

1. Wix

Wix is ​​a great option for entrepreneurs looking for a high degree of customization of their capture pages and of course, it also allows you to create landing pages for free.With a great and intuitive website creator, the tool offers a small collection of ready-made capture pages that can be edited and adjusted according to the needs of your campaign. Entrepreneurs and professionals with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing can take full advantage of the variety of features that the Wix landing page offers. With it, you can create unique and efficient landing pages, in addition to obtaining essential information about your audience through reports and A/B tests.By using the free version of Wix you will have access to: A large collection of tools and applications

  • Free Wix Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Dedicated support
  • Collection of images and icons Wix also has a simplified guide on how to create a landing page on its platform in just 8 steps:

      Choose a landing page template; Give your landing page a name;
    1. Add your content;
    2. Include images;
    3. Choose your domain;
    4. Check your links and texts;
    5. Fill in the meta description and SEO title;
    6. Publish!

    Also check out our full Wix review to learn more.

    two. SendinBlue

    Perhaps you already know Sendinblue for its marketing automation services and email marketing tool, but in addition to such features, the tool also offers an excellent landing page builder.Create the design you want, adapted to your brand and without having to know programming, starting from ready-made and customizable landing page templates or starting from scratch.Sendinblue’s landing page editor is drag and drop based and the tool allows you to add additional pages to create a guided lead capture process.And of course, the captured leads can be registered directly and worked on the CRM offered by the solution.To create a free landing page on Sendinblue, just follow the step by step:

      Go to the official page;
    1. Create the design from the drag & drop editor;
    2. )Choose the purpose of your landing page and determine your CTAs;
    3. Add new pages to create a guided process;

    4. Publish your landing page!
    5. 3. WEBSITE123

      If you like the results that forms can bring to your campaigns, Site123 could be the perfect option to create free landing pages that work. The tool seeks to offer simple ways to build websites and pages, which is great for those who don’t have in-depth knowledge of design or programming. Therefore, the website builder has a limited customization option, but it can still deliver results if the basics are well executed.The ready-made templates are an excellent starting point for anyone creating their first landing page and looking to improve their digital strategy.The free version of Site123 has the following features:

    6. Free hosting;
    7. Subdomain;
    8. Fully customizable form;
    9. SEO tools.
        The tool’s premium package has an affordable subscription fee and offers integration with your virtual store and connection to your domain.

        4. E-goi

        E-goi is another excellent solution for anyone looking for a simplified way to create landing pages for free.In addition to offering email marketing solutions and several other professional resources for companies in different niches, creating a free landing page is easy with the tool’s capture page builder and it is also possible to create pop-up forms to capture leads.The editor is based on drag and drop and you can use professional templates, customizing them as you like to create your landing page.The best part is that after all that, you can still take advantage of the automatic segmentation offered by the platform.

        5. GreatPages

        With GreatPages you can create institutional websites or landing pages in minutes, without depending on a developer , and is the only Brazilian software with pixel-to-pixel perfect technology, an evolution of drag and drop. You can choose from one of our high converting templates or start from scratch. In addition, the platform has a series of elements focused on conversion, such as: pop-ups, countdowns, videos, forms and much more.Discover some of the main benefits of the tool: Build your pages for all screen sizes.

    10. Amazing websites without writing a line of code.
    11. Publish with SSL (https) and Hosting included .

      1. Best organic positioning on Google.
      2. Scalability and reliability of Google Cloud. Support team ready to help. Plans vary according to the number of domains included in the package and also have an onboarding meeting so you can make the most of everything that the tool offers. Try 7 days for free and find out!

        6. RD Station

        Leading marketing automation tool in Latin America, RD Station Marketing brings together the main Digital Marketing resources in a single software and has more than 120 editable landing page templates.To create a free landing page with RD Station, just access the creator in the “drag & drop” style, which allows you to easily drag and drop elements, to customize the page and leave it in accordance with the company’s visual identity, without needing knowledge in programming .Some highlights of your landing pages: Company domain and customizable subdomain;

      3. Data protection fields in accordance with the LGPD;
      4. Pages with security certificate;
      5. More than 120 editable templates;
      6. SEO optimizations;
      7. Native A/B Testing; Reports by landing page RD Station; Advanced customization of HTML, CSS and Javascript;

      8. Intelligent form, which avoids repeating questions to the same lead. RD Station Marketing has plans starting at BRL 19 per month, but you can test the tool for free for 10 days, which in addition to creating and publishing a landing pages, has email marketing, automatic sequence of emails, pop-ups, Whatsapp button, contact import and integration with other tools.

        7. Webnode

        This is a tool for those who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge and are looking for simplicity in creating their pages. Webnode seeks to provide resources so that anyone can create professional-level websites in a few minutes and without the need for any specialization in the area. This is a 100% free landing page builder that will host your page for free. These features make Webnode a great recommendation for self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses that are starting to invest in digital marketing strategies. The features worth mentioning in the free version are the following: Free Hosting;

      9. Adjustable SEO settings;
      10. Excellent collection of ready-to-use templates. It is worth mentioning that Webnode has a great function for multilingual websites, but this is a feature that can only be accessed through its paid versions.

        8. Weebly

        Weebly is a completely free website builder and very easy to use, we couldn’t leave it out of our list of tools to create free landing pages. It may not even have ready-to-use landing pages, but it has several items in its landing page template collection that can be turned into excellent capture pages. This is a versatile option that includes the integration of other marketing tools, the use of forms, several customization options and is very simple to use.Entrepreneurs who seek m a free landing page builder tool can make awesome pages with Weebly. In its free version you have: Domain with your brand;

      11. Optimizations for SEO;
      12. Contact forms and lead capture;

      13. Chat and email support.
      14. The paid versions of the tool are very accessible and add advanced functionality and customization options.

        9. Instapage

        With an excellent page loading speed and an advanced landing page optimization option, this is one of the best tools available on the market. Instapage has a complete collection of resources that help you create great conversion pages and provides accurate data for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. We highlight the main utilities that are available on the platform: Unlimited number of conversions;

      15. Heatmap to visualize visitor behavior;
      16. Conversion analysis;
      17. Integration with other marketing tools;
      18. A/B testing;
      19. Layout templates available. Use this powerful tool to create your landing pages for free with a 14-day trial period. If this is the perfect tool for your business, after the evaluation stage, you can choose to subscribe to one of the paid plans: Business, with only the most important and necessary features, or Enterprise, with access to everything that Instapage offers.

        10. launchrock

        Is your new campaign or launch about to start and you need a quick option to create a free landing page? Check out Launchrock. The capture page builder only offers basic and quick features for editing. This can alienate those with experience and seek variety in customization, on the other hand, it can help novice professionals with its easy navigation and focus only on what is necessary to function. The tool only has a few ready-made templates and landing page examples, but it is still possible to create your page from scratch. Entrepreneurs who opt for the free version of Launchrock will have the following additional features:

      SEO tools;

    • Simplified landing page templates;
    • Data about who is visiting your page. Launchrock is a great tool for those who are strengthening the use of the basic principles of digital marketing and offers a modest report to evaluate the performance of their pages.

      11. Mailchimp

      Mailchimp is a complete marketing tool that also offers a landing page builder. With a simplified but complete creation, you can take advantage of the platform and create different capture pages with different objectives. When you use Mailchimp to create your free landing page, you get the following features:

        Integration with your domain;

      • In-depth view of interaction with tracking;
          Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytic;
      • Reports by landing pages.
      • A big plus that must be mentioned is the variety of utilities that Mailchimp offers. In addition to creating websites, the tool also offers solutions ranging from digital marketing automation to CRM options.

        Hire a digital marketing agency to create your landing pages

        You can also choose to hire one of the best digital marketing agencies in Brazil to create your landing pages.Some professional agencies even offer as a service to manage a large part of your digital strategy to help you build authority and spread your brand on the internet.

        5 tips for creating landing pages

        After better understanding how they work and their importance, the plan to create landing pages for your business should be coming true Before choosing the option that best fits your profile and your business, check out some tips that can help you create a successful landing page.

        Choose a specific objective

        If your goal with the landing page is form filling to generate leads, don’t create other distractions like redirects to other pages or requests to follow your social media. Asking visitors to perform different actions can get in the way and even prevent your main objective from being fulfilled. Regardless of what it is, keep your landing focused on the main goal.

        Make a responsive design and mobile first

        To increase the chances of reaching the objective for which your landing page was created, try to use responsive, clean designs that highlight the call-to-action texts. When creating your template, it’s also important to keep in mind the number of people who consume content via mobile and choose a tool that allows you to create a landing page for free, but that is optimized for mobile devices.In Brazil, this amount is huge, according to a survey by FGV, in 2023 there were about 234 million smartphones in use in the country. Creating designs that make it easy for mobile users to navigate can have a very positive impact on your number of conversions.

        Use customer reviews and testimonials

        Does your product or service have positive customer reviews? Incorporate these comments into your landing page. Having testimonials that highlight the benefits of what you offer reinforces your brand’s authority and can positively impact lead generation.

        Choose well and stand out for the Call to Action (Call to Action) Action)

        Think of a simple, quick-to-read text that collaborates with your objective and communicates well with your type of audience. Then, place this text in a prominent place within your page.

        Offer something that will generate value to page visitors

        For a landing page to be successful, it is essential that something of value be offered to those accessing that page. They can be exclusive PDFs, video lessons, discount coupons, subscription to VIP lists, early access to a product, among other things. The important thing is that this offer generates value and makes page visitors take the chosen action in your strategy.

        Time to create free landing page and generate more leads

        We hope that our content has helped you find the best way to create landing pages that can help you generate more leads and, therefore, more business opportunities!If you’re looking for more ways to improve landing page results, don’t forget to add an online chat on your landing page to approach visitors through proactive invitations with JivoChat.

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