SpaceX launches 48 Starlink satellites, sends 480 satellites to space in 10 weeks

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To put these satellites in orbit, the Falcon-9 rocket took off from Florida, the USA on March 9. Elon Musk-owned SpaceX has launched 48 more Starlink Internet satellites into orbit. To put these satellites into orbit, the Falcon-9 rocket took off from Florida, the USA on March 9. The first stage of the rocket returned to the SpaceX drone ship located in the Atlantic Ocean. The special thing is that this was the 10th launch of SpaceX in the last 10 weeks. Each launch had 48 satellites. SpaceX has said that through these satellites it wants to bring low-latency high-speed broadband internet to areas where internet connectivity is not available.

Together these satellites form a large constellation in low Earth orbit, called Starlink. SpaceX has already launched more than 2,000 such satellites. Many more satellites are expected to be launched by the end of this year. SpaceX has got permission to launch more than 12,000 Starlink satellites.

Sharing a video related to the launch, Elon Musk tweeted that 48 more Starlinks have just arrived in orbit. Elon Musk is preparing to lay a network of Starlink satellites around the world, but his ambition raises concerns over the debris of satellites moving in space. Keep in mind that SpaceX has sought approval to launch 30,000 satellites.

Most of SpaceX’s launches have been done on the ‘Falcon 9’ rocket. It is the world’s first orbital-class rocket and can fly again. This rocket did its first test in June 2010. Reusing the Falcon-9 rocket reduces the cost of launching satellites.

This SpaceX project has also faced some setbacks in the recent past. Last month, a storm in space destroyed an entire batch of SpaceX satellites. Dozens of its satellites fell from space and were destroyed as soon as they entered the Earth’s atmosphere. To avoid such incidents in the future, SpaceX has decided to deploy satellites at higher altitudes.

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