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Cameo is an online platform that allows users to easily book personalized video shoutouts from famous people. From A-list actors and athletes, to TikTok stars and internet celebrities, Cameo has become an interesting way to create lasting memories with one’s favorite celebrity or personality. But how does Cameo make money?

At its core, Cameo generates revenue by allowing celebrities or personalities to monetize their time by creating video shoutouts for a fee. The celebrities decide the cost of the video shoutouts and act as service providers for Cameo. For every video shoutout sold, Cameo keeps a 20% commission. The remainder of the money goes directly to the celebrity or personality who created the video shoutout.

Cameo also generates revenue by offering additional services. These include Cameo Plus, where users can purchase a subscription that unlocks discounts and exclusive content from their favorite celebrities, as well as Cameo Custom, which lets customers create personalized shoutouts to request exclusive experiences, such as supporting a cause or wish someone a happy birthday.

Finally, Cameo has a marketplace that features exclusive merchandise, such as autographed photos, specialty t-shirts, and other memorabilia. This is a great way for celebrities to create additional revenue streams while providing fans with exclusive access to exclusive products.

In summary, Cameo makes money by charging a commission on the sale of personalized video shoutouts, offering additional services, and having a marketplace that features exclusive merchandise. This business model has allowed Cameo to become an immersive and unique platform that has created lasting memories for its users.

How Does Cameo Make Money?

Cameo is an online platform that allows fans to purchase personalized messages from their favorite celebrities. With a variety of pricing options, Cameo provides a unique and affordable way for celebrities to engage with their fans and make some extra cash. But how does Cameo make money?

Cameo Commission

The first way Cameo makes money is by taking a commission on all transactions. Cameo charges a 25% fee to the customers and pays out the remaining 75% to the celebrities. This commission covers Cameo’s operational expenses and marketing costs.

Premium Cameos

Premium Cameos are priced higher than standard Cameos and often feature swag giveaways or exclusive experiences. These premium offerings offer additional exposure to the celebrity, and the additional fee helps to offset the cost of packaging and shipping special products.

Cameo also makes money through sponsored Cameos. This type of Cameo features a specific product or service and may include a discount code or special offer. The sponsor pays for the promotion of the product or service and for the celebrity’s time.

Finally, Cameo generates revenue from advertisements on its website and app. Ads may appear in different areas of the platform, such as the home page, search results, and the bottom of individual profiles. This form of advertisement helps Cameo cover costs and build a sustainability model for their business.


Cameo is an excellent way for celebrities to engage with their fans while also making some extra money. By taking a commission on every transaction, offering premium Cameos, and making deals with sponsors and advertisers, Cameo provides a unique and lucrative platform for both the celebrities and fans alike.

What services does Cameo provide?

Cameo is an online platform that allows people to book personalized video shoutouts from celebrities. Users can book video shoutouts from their favorite athletes, actors, musicians, influencers, and other famous personalities for birthdays, anniversaries, gifts, and special occasions. Celebrities record personalized video messages for their fans and send them via Cameo’s secure video platform.

What types of celebrities are available on Cameo?

Cameo offers thousands of celebrities from a variety of genres and disciplines, including sports stars, actors, musicians, influencers, politicians, television personalities, and comedians.

What types of services do celebrities offer on Cameo?

Celebrities on Cameo offer personalized video shoutouts, personalized singing telegrams, one-on-one video chat, audio messages, and personalized messages for any special occasion.

What are some examples of services that celebrities provide on Cameo?

1. Personalised video messages

2. Personalised singing telegrams

3. Voiceover work

4. Personalised video performance of a song

5. Advice and guidance

6. Promotional appearances

7. Personalised video greetings

8. Acting, modelling, and stunt work

9. Personalised video birthday, anniversary, holiday, and special occasion greetings

10. Product endorsements

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