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YouTube to suspend Donald Trump: Youtube also banned Donald Trump after Facebook and Twitter

Video sharing platform YouTube has also banned Donald Trump for 7 days after Facebook and Twitter due to violence in America. YouTube has also updated new videos on Donald Trump's channel.

YouTube to suspend Donald Trump: Youtube has also banned Donald Trump after being banned on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, this ban is only for 7 days. Google’s video-sharing company YouTube has suspended Donald Trump’s channel for violating its platform policy. Along with suspending the channel, YouTube has also deleted recently uploaded videos.

Youtube issued a statement saying that we have removed the new content uploaded on the channel of Donald Jr. Trump (YouTube to suspend Donald Trump) for violence in America and violations of our platform policy. YouTube further said that new videos cannot be uploaded to this channel for a further seven days. Along with this, YouTube has also removed the comment section on the channel. Some American activists had demanded from Google to ban Donald Trump’s channel from YouTube.

Donald Trump’s channel on the video-sharing platform YouTube is named Donald J. Trump. He is followed by about 27.7 lakh people. Earlier Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump’s account due to Capitol Hill violence. Trump then accused Twitter of scrapping free speech, saying that they would soon launch a new social media platform.

Facebook and Instagram have also banned Donald Trump’s account until January 20. Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement saying Donald Trump would not be able to use Facebook and Instagram until the swearing-in of newly elected US President Joe Biden . . Let us know that Joe Biden will take the oath of US President on 20 January 2021.

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