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Thieves hijack trucks with Apple devices valued at £ 5 million

The products of the Californian group are not only popular with many users, but they are also popular with thieves. The latter is of course due to the fact that Apple devices are expensive and you can make a correspondingly high profit. A British gang took advantage of this. As reported by the Guardian, among others, the police announced that a truck with Apple products was kidnapped or stolen in the morning hours last Tuesday. The driver and a security guard were initially handcuffed. Then the robbers drove the truck a short distance to load the 48 pallets with Apple hardware into their own vehicle. The original truck was then left behind.

Value of around 5.6 million euros

According to the Northamptonshire Police, the total value of the stolen goods is around five million pounds, which is the equivalent of just under 5.6 million euros. According to the BBC, the thieves were able to steal iPhone 11 devices, AirPods and Apple Watches, among other things.

The authorities apparently have no hot lead on the thieves and have turned to the public. They ask for clues or dashcam recordings of any vehicles that have hit the highway in the area of ​​the crime scene. People should also report to whom an Apple product is offered in “unusual circumstances” or at particularly low prices.

The authorities have a relatively high chance of catching the perpetrators. As a rule, Apple has installed tracking devices for such loads, but the thieves probably know that too. How far they can get with the devices is also a question: in the case of iPhones, the devices can be detected remotely as soon as they are connected to the Internet. This means that they can not only be tracked but also made unusable remotely. Apple, Mac, Event, Online, Keynote, Apple Keynote, One more thing.

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