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Type-C charging port will be available in all phones, tablets, laptops in India too

After the European Union, now in India also USB Type C  charging ports will be available in all gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. EU has passed the law that from 2024 only Type-C ports will be mandatory for charging all devices. Now the Government of India also held a meeting with the Consumer Affairs Department on Wednesday in association with some agencies. The meeting was presided over by Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The issue of this meeting was to have a standard charging port for all electronic devices in India.

Now all smartphones can be charged from any charger

After this meeting, it has been told that smartphone brands and industry organizations have decided to roll out a uniform charging port (USB Type-C) as standard. Now apart from smartphones, this same charging port will come in tablets, and wearables, and a group will also be formed regarding this, which will inform us about all the possibilities related to having Type-C ports in these devices.

Different charger with every smartphone is a problem for the user and the environment

Some people from IIT Kanpur, IIT BHU, MAIT, FICCI, CII, Central Government participated in this Consumer Affairs meeting and all agree that there should be a standard charging port for all devices. He has given two reasons for this

1- With different smartphones, or tablets, users have to buy different chargers. If a new charger is also available with the smartphone, then in this way the old charger becomes useless.

2- With all the devices coming with individual chargers, these piles of chargers are no longer eco-friendly as well.

Now, this order can be issued by the Government of India anytime and the main reason for this is to reduce e-waste by reducing the production of chargers also it is an important step for the purpose of saving money. MoEFCC (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change) will examine it to find out what difference having one charging port for all devices will make. This order will be implemented with different phases so that companies and users Make it easy to adopt.

USB Type-C charging port will also be available in iPhone 15 series

After the law passed by the EU, now the next iPhone series may also see a Type-C port instead of the Lightning port. Apple executive Greg Joswiak himself has confirmed that Apple will also adopt the Type-C port. Although he is not happy with this, in the coming time only USB Type-C ports will be available on Apple devices.

Recent news is that Apple can provide not one but two types of Type-C ports. The company can provide USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 ports in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. While there is news of USB 2.0 coming in the other two models. But even if this happens, you may have to buy different chargers for different models of iPhones. But the purpose of the company behind adopting these chargers is being told to provide fast transfer speed.

In such a situation, what is your opinion about adopting a standard charging port, you can also tell us in the comment section?

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