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The global version of Mi Band 7 is presented: How much it costs and how it differs

The price of the international modification is significantly higher. However, this is hardly a surprise – it has always been so.

Xiaomi has finally unveiled the global version of the Mi Band 7, bringing it to Europe. Less than a month has passed since its debut on May 24, but the bracelet has already sold more than 1 million units in the local market. Now, apparently, the popularity of new items will increase even more. So far, only the basic version of the Mi Band 7 without an NFC chip has arrived in Europe. This is reported by NotebookCheck. Men’s silver bracelet: which is better to choose

The official price of the Mi Band 7 in Europe is 59.99 euros, but the first buyers will be able to purchase the bracelet for 49.99 euros. This cost, as one would expect, is significantly higher than the price of the Chinese version: in the local market, the fitness tracker is sold for $37 or $45 (modification with NFC). Xiaomi has released a Windows 11 tablet with an ARM processor: Know the price & Spe

Since both Chinese and global versions of Mi Band 7 have been sold on AliExpress for a long time (there is a separate article on the Treshbox with a selection of the most popular sellers on the Chinese site), the differences are already known – they are only in the inscriptions on the box (hieroglyphs instead of English). Otherwise, the modifications are identical, the firmware of both support Russian and English by default. The first sale of Moto G31 smartphone with 50MP camera today, know price and features

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