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Russia-Ukraine War: Amazon, YouTube and Google Play also closed their services in Russia

Russia Ukraine War: Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Google Play have also stopped their services in Russia. After the attack on Ukraine, companies around the world are closing their business in Russia. Apart from this, the names of many companies like Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, and Netflix have also been included in this list.

Russia is now facing another setback in the Russia-Ukraine War. The world’s famous e-commerce company Amazon has also stopped its service in Russia. Russian citizens living in Russia will no longer be able to take advantage of Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Russian citizens will not be able to watch Amazon Prime videos or buy any retail products through Amazon. Amazon said that Russian customers will no longer be able to use the Prime Video service. Apart from Russia, Amazon has imposed all these restrictions in Belarus as well.

Amazon stopped all services

Amazon said it has also stopped accepting new orders for New World, the only video game to be sold directly in Russia. On the other hand, thousands of people around the world are helping the people of Ukraine through Amazon. Amazon itself has donated more than $5 million to victims of Ukraine, and Amazon said in a statement that, “they are delighted that more than 10,000 of their employees have donated to the victims of Ukraine”.

YouTube also closed its services

Apart from Amazon, Youtube and Google Play Store have also stopped all payment-based services including subscriptions in Russia. Google and YouTube also recently stopped selling online advertising in Russia. YouTube said in its statement that, we are going to turn off all monetization features for Russian viewers, such as YouTube Premium, Channel Membership, Super Chat, and Merchandise. However, users with Russian YouTube channels will be able to generate revenue through aids and paid features coming from outside Russia.

Many companies closed business in Russia

Apart from all these online services, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Netflix, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard have also stopped their service in Russia. In addition, Sony’s gaming division Sony Interactive Entertainment has also announced that it will stop its hardware shipments to Russia. Apart from this, Sony is also going to ban its new software launch in Russia.

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