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Netherlands: Samsung Galaxy S20 update paralyzes LTE connectivity

Samsung recently started delivering an update for the Galaxy S20 and its sister models. In the Netherlands, however, a massive problem arose in connection with the country’s largest network operator: LTE no longer works. Anyone who installed the latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra 5G in the Netherlands experienced a very unpleasant surprise in connection with the use of the mobile network of the provider KPN. If the update is installed, connections to the LTE or 4G network from KPN no longer work.

According to SamMobile, various reports about the effects of the faulty update for the Galaxy S20 models can be read in a number of forums. The problem affects all versions of the product range that appeared in the spring, i.e. both the cheaper LTE and the more expensive 5G-enabled versions. Only the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is not affected.

Low-cost customers also affected

In addition to KPN’s own customers, users of third-party SIMs are also affected by the problem. Specifically, the customers of providers such as Simyo, Budget Mobile, YouFone and Lebara can no longer access the mobile Internet via LTE. The resellers all use the KPN network.

KPN is the largest network operator in the Netherlands and is now likely to be working feverishly with Samsung on a solution to the LTE problems in connection with its network and the S20 smartphones. It is apparently not yet foreseeable when KPN and Samsung will publish an update with which LTE problems in the Galaxy S20 series in Holland can be eliminated.

Affected customers therefore either have to forego installing the latest update or live with the fact that their smartphone only communicates with the Internet via the significantly slower 3G standards when they are outside the range of WLAN connections.

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