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Monopoly on iOS access abused: Cydia founder sues Apple

The founder of the famous Cydia store has now filed a lawsuit against the computer company Apple. The background to this is the fact that Apple has never allowed an alternative app store on its iOS platform. From the point of view of Jay “Saurik” Freeman, who started the Cydia store in 2007, this was a clear violation of competition law, according to a report by the US magazine Vice. Because Apple took advantage of its position of power as the operator of the iOS platform to only give its own shop for applications a right to exist. Competitors like Cydia were simply locked out.

Freeman’s own platform could only be installed on iPhones if the system’s locking mechanisms were jailbroken. The consequences of this for successful business development can be shown relatively easily: In 2010 the Cydia store still had around 4.5 million users, which, given the still relatively manageable size of the iOS platform and the app market, is quite a number was a decent amount.

Since Apple kept coming up with new tricks to make jailbreaks more difficult, and also didn’t offer a legal route to the platform, Cydia was ultimately pushed into a tiny niche. Freeman then gave up a few years ago – also because the constant cat-and-mouse game with the company had simply robbed him of too much energy and he could no longer find any motivation for the work.

It is currently unclear what the goal of Freeman’s lawsuit is. A compensation amount is not mentioned for the time being and the developer is currently showing you no ambitions to revive his project if Apple were forced to open its platform. There was also no comment from the lawyers involved.

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