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Apple: Subscriptions and in-app purchases can be shared with the family

Apple announces that from now on up to six family members can use subscriptions and in-app purchases at the same time – if the respective app provider allows this. At the developer conference WWDC 2020, Apple announced back in the summer that it would provide a function for sharing subscriptions and in-app purchases with up to six family members for all users. As many users reported on Twitter, Apple has now made them aware that this function is available immediately.

App providers must allow sharing

The new button “Share new subscriptions” can be found under the subscription settings in the “Apple ID” area and is activated by default. A prerequisite for sharing in family circles is that the respective app provider or developer allows this at all. In addition, a subscription or an in-app purchase must be processed via Apple’s payment interface. So-called “consumables”, i.e. consumables such as game currencies, are excluded from sharing, whereas in-app purchases, which activate certain functions, can be used by family members free of charge.

Good news for third parties

With in-house subscription services such as Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage space, as well as with purchases in the iTunes Store or Apple Books, intra-family sharing has been possible for a long time. With this new feature, third-party providers can now easily offer a family subscription or joint in-app purchases to activate functions. In the meantime, transactions completed after the free download are the preferred financing model for more and more apps.

Apple announced the expansion of Family Sharing for iOS 14. It is unclear whether users of older versions of the iOS operating system will have to expect restrictions with regard to this function.

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