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Impressive Pagani Utopia supercar unveiled: V12 engine and retro style

Pagani Utopia supercar retained recognizable features, both externally and externally. And instead of innovation and electricity, Pagani Utopia has a classic V12 Biturbo engine.

Horatio Pagani, the founder of the Italian company Pagani Automobili SpA, has unveiled the all-new yet old-fashioned Pagani Utopia supercar. This is the third generation of the car, which has no traction batteries, no hybrid power, only the classic Mercedes-AMG 6-liter V12 Biturbo engine and a pure seven-speed manual. Remained the same simple, old-school design with recognizable features of previous models.

The new Pagani Utopia tried to give a modern look and maintain a timeless style. There were four-headlight lighting, mirrors on curved legs and four pipes of the exhaust system located in the centre, and all the protruding aerodynamic elements were built into the stern.

The motocoke is made of carbon fibre and titanium, as well as special material Carbo-Triax HP52, subframes, are made of chrome-molybdenum pipes, external panels are made of new carbon fibre, which is 38% stiffer, 21/22-inch alloy wheels are made of aluminium alloy.

Inside, there is traditionally no media system, there is only a small screen on the dashboard, and in the centre, there are many more devices with analogue scales. The power of the power plant has increased and now stands at 864 hp, torque – 1100 Nm.┬áThe seven-speed Xtrac transmission is in one module with an electronically controlled differential.┬áBoth robotic and mechanical versions are available to choose from.

It is planned to produce only 99 Pagani Utopia cars, each of which will cost approximately 2.5 million euros.

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