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Xiaomi unveiled its first full-size humanoid robot, CyberOne

Xiaomi unveiled its first full-size humanoid robot, CyberOne. Sci-fi movies with robots that enslave the planet don’t seem so incredible anymore.

Today, as part of its own event, Xiaomi officially introduced not only a new smartwatch, wireless headphones, and a foldable smartphone but also a humanoid robot CyberOne. His height is 1.77 meters with a weight of 52 kilograms – during the presentation, CyberOne was called a good friend to people. In order to realize this, a rather advanced brain was built for the robot, so to speak. He is able to perceive 45 different types of semantic human emotions and determine 85 types of environmental semantics. Moreover, the robot is able to control its entire body – it can coordinate with “joints” with 21 degrees of freedom.

The novelty even boasts advanced vision – there is a proprietary Mi Sense space visualization system with a 3D reconstruction of the real world. Accordingly, the robot can walk around the living room and create a three-dimensional model of the room in real-time. And although the company said that really smart robots are still very far away, and the history of CyberOne is just beginning, this is already an impressive leap in this direction. While Tesla is only thinking about what their humanoid robot should be able to do, Xiaomi is already working in this direction.

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