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What is QLED? Advantages and disadvantages

The QLED imaging technology label can be inadvertently confused with the OLED label. But there are many differences. What are the main benefits of QLED? How does wireless charging work?

What is QLED?

QLED is a display technology based on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. The Q in the name itself is an abbreviation of the term “Quantum Dots”, which is a special layer of highly resistant quantum dots, which is used to improve the overall image. In addition, this layer is complemented by special blue LED lights. This creates a highly clear image with support for more than a billion different colors. So far, it is the superlative itself, which further enhances the perfect brightness, thanks to which the image is perfectly legible, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Samsung Galaxy F13 launched in India at a price of just Rs 10,999

Advantages and disadvantages of QLED technology

QLED televisions can also rely on low image latency and decent black. However, it is not completely perfect because it is – unlike OLED – backlit. Some manufacturers try to solve this with a rear zone backlight, which turns on and off depending on the scene being displayed. iOS 16: Here is the list of compatible iPhones

Another disadvantage of this technology is the slightly worse viewing angles, which, however, improve over time. With QLED technology we must also mention higher consumption, on the other hand, there is no “scarecrow” in the form of image burning, and overall the image looks more natural than with OLED technology, which tends to more or less embellish reality. POCO F4 5G is being launched in India, tough competition for mid-range phones

In addition to televisions, some monitors also support QLED technology.

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