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How does wireless charging work?

While ten years ago, for example, wireless charging was more of a sci-fi movie, today it is a completely standard technology used by hundreds of millions of people around the world on a daily basis. But do you have any idea how wireless charging actually works? If not, we will explain everything in the following lines. What is 6G, How Fast Will It Be and When Is It Coming?

Principle of wireless charging

Wireless charging works by using electromagnetic induction between two coils, one stored in the charger and the other in the charger. Charging takes place in such a way that the coil located in the wireless charger, when connected to a source (whether mains, power bank, computer, etc.), begins to generate a magnetic field from which the coil is located in the charger induces alternating current and charges the battery. However, given the dimensions of the coils and the whole charging principle, it is probably no surprise that in order for wireless charging to be possible, the two devices – the wireless charger and the charger – need to be close enough to each other. (orders of magnitude lower units of centimeters). The second aspect to be met is the compatibility of the charging and charging device with the same standard. Payment by QR code via SBP appears in Russian social networks; Even in online games

Qi wireless charging

During the commercial birth of wireless charging, several charging standards were available on the market, and the above-mentioned Qi eventually proved to be the only viable in terms of wider usability. Without any exaggeration, it can be said that you will no longer find a standard other than Qi in electronics with wireless charging support, so there is no problem, for example, with choosing a suitable wireless charger and so on. However, it is already rumored that the world will definitely not stay with Qi in the future, as many manufacturers are already working on completely wireless charging, which does not require close interaction of the two coils .and thanks to that it can charge electronics anywhere in the room. However, in order for this to be possible, the electronics in question need to support a new standard, which is far from being ready. Samsung launches new 4K TVs in Brazil; See prices

Disadvantages of wireless charging

Unfortunately, although wireless charging is a very convenient matter, it has a number of negatives, led by lower speed compared to cable charging or higher battery wear. This is because it is heated in this way more than when charging with comparable power using a cable, which, according to experts on batteries, is a sign of their life. However, if you change your device every two to three years, you should not notice too much. The entire technology is also constantly shifting, reducing the impact on battery life over time. We think this will be the scariest video game in the world

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