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WhatsApp Web vs WhatsApp Desktop app: Which should you use?

Currently ranked as the world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp needs no introduction. The application can be used on both mobile and computer. However, unlike mobile devices, WhatsApp can be used in two different ways on a computer: WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. Both are effective for accessing WhatsApp on a PC, but which one should you use and why?

What is the difference between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop?

It would not be a wrong guess to say that there is little difference between the two, especially in operation. Most of the other functions are similar, such as how to set up, communicate and send files. The most important thing to note is that while WhatsApp web is accessed via a web browser, WhatsApp desktop works once installed on a desktop computer. The other important difference is searching.

Although WhatsApp Web mirrors everything you have in the mobile app, it does not allow you to make audio and video calls with individual contacts. However, you can make group video calls with the Messenger Rooms feature in the web version. When you create a room, simply share the link with the people you want to invite to the group video chat.

Which one should you use?

If you are a heavy WhatsApp user, it makes more sense to install the WhatsApp Desktop client. For one, you have access to keyboard shortcuts that can help increase your productivity. Secondly, since WhatsApp Desktop consumes less memory, your PC will have spare RAM to run other processes. Finally, WhatsApp Desktop is time-saving and convenient.

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