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4 Apps to edit photos with 3D effect

Thanks to the applications you can turn your mobile into a multipurpose tool to do practically everything. Through them, you not only manage to organize your tasks or other activities but also edit images like a professional. For this, you have very interesting software with which there is even the possibility of adding a 3D effect .

This practice is one of the most used and widespread by users because it provides a lively and unique look to the photos on their social networks. A priori it seems that it is complicated, but nothing is further from reality. Today you have programs that provide you with the necessary tools in a simple and intuitive way, and today we are going to show you four that you can download to your smartphone.

Get 3D photos with apps

In the virtual store of your phone, there is a huge variety of options if you want to add a 3D effect to your photos. Precisely for this reason, it is understandable that you feel overwhelmed by the diversity of possibilities. Don’t worry, we have selected the best ones available for your installation.


You are facing one of the winners of the award for the best application on Google Play in 2018. VIMAGE provides multiple editing tools for your captures and among them is an effect called 3D Zoom. Thanks to this particular function you can turn a simple image into a single shot with the push of a button. To avoid unnecessary complications, opt for this one.


In case you didn’t know, Google has developed its own app to edit photos and the truth is that its operation is praiseworthy. It is mainly characterized by a simple and intuitive interface, although the process to achieve that beloved 3D effect is not so easy if it is your first time with this kind of software. This is because you have to do it manually. Of course, we guarantee that the result is spectacular. There are videos on YouTube that explain the procedure in detail without loss.


Another of the great proposals for your mobile. Motionleap is based on the animation of images through very striking effects that allow us to obtain impressive results. The beloved 3D could not be missing from its selection, which you can apply in a similar way to the case of VIMAGE. You only have to look for the appropriate filter, click on it and choose the type that you like the most. The problem is that some filters require the premium version.

3D Photo Effect Editor

It is one of the lesser-known alternatives, although it is not a reason to think that it is not a good bet. 3D Photo Effect Editor is a simple thing, but this does not always have to be a negative thing. Especially, because it shows ideal properties for those who intend to start in the field of editing, and through a few simple adjustments you can obtain very striking 3D images. Of course, it does not achieve the results of the previous ones, since it does not pretend to be so advanced. Once you control this application to perfection, you will have a decisive facility when it comes to facing other apps.

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