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Global OnePlus 10 Pro model already received its first update

As you may know, yesterday OnePlus finally decided to take its 10 Pro out of China and announced it to global markets. Today, just 24 hours later, the company is already releasing the first software update for the global model.

The new version is tagged NE2211_11.A.11 in India, where it will be deployed first. In the EU it will be NE2213_11.A.12 and this implementation should follow very soon.

The changelog is the same for both markets, with focus speed tweaks for slow-motion videos, improved portrait mode captures and better white balance for the front camera, and a tweaked fingerprint recognition algorithm that improves success. Unlock rate, better gaming performance and smoother, more stable WiFi connections, and overall improved WiFi experience and better overall system stability.

Also fixed an issue with unstable cellular signal in certain scenarios. As usual, the release of this update is incremental, so it may take a few days to complete. Since the global model was only announced a day ago, we estimate this update is what 99% of owners will expect when they take the phone out of the box.

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