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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is So Important?

The concept of digital marketing or digital marketing has actually been very well known from a few years ago, especially when technology is increasingly showing rapid progress. Then, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is all marketing efforts or activities carried out using electronic devices or the internet and combined with various marketing strategies and various digital media platforms that make it easier for consumers or customers to communicate with each other online. Digital marketing in Indonesia has also started to spread widely. Businessmen and entrepreneurs have spread their business wings to various social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Whatsapp, and so on. 

Understanding Digital Marketing

The spread of digital marketing also opens up new job opportunities for the community. More and more people are opening digital marketing services and more and more marketing experts are also developing digital marketing modules so that they can be useful for business people in developing digital marketing strategies. they need. In fact, the results of research conducted by Mondo (technology and digital marketing provider) show that more and more companies have plans to add their company’s digital marketing budget. It is stated that around 80% of companies will increase their digital marketing budget over the next year to 18 months, of which 40% of companies will increase their budget by 5-10%, 32% of companies will increase their budget by 10-25% and the rest of the companies will increase their budget. their digital marketing budget is equivalent to 0-5%. Also, Read – What is Content in Digital Marketing? Types of Content, Examples, and Tips
Actually, what is the purpose of digital marketing? To the extent that research says that more than 50% of companies are very interested in increasing their digital marketing budget. One of the main goals of digital marketing is to reach target customers more efficiently and effectively through existing digital media. That way, digital marketing is expected to reach consumers more quickly, precisely, and widely. 
With this development, we can see that creating and implementing digital marketing for business is the same as supporting digital transformation and company growth. 
Like other business strategies, digital marketing also has challenges that its users must face. One of the main challenges is the scope and scale of digital marketing itself. That is, if fellow readers are interested in implementing digital marketing, then fellow readers must think about what digital marketing plans and techniques will be used, determine the number of digital marketing activities to be managed, determine dynamic, interesting, programmed content, and so on. Also, Read – Email Marketing: What are the different types of Marketing email campaigns?
Although digital marketing also has tough challenges, many entrepreneurs and businesspeople agree that digital marketing is very important for the growth of their businesses and companies. According to the Smart Insights dot com website, there are several advantages of digital marketing or digital marketing that make it very important for us to implement. The following are 10 reasons why digital marketing is very important for us to implement.
Why Is Digital Marketing So Important 

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

1. Digital Marketing can provide a definite direction for the company. 

The first reason why digital marketing is so important is that digital marketing can provide clear and definite directions and goals for the people in it. Most companies that run without digital marketing do not have clear strategic goals. They don’t have the right idea about what goals the company wants to achieve through online marketing, especially in terms of getting new customers, increasing sales, and patenting deeper relationships between producers and consumers on online platforms. Without digital marketing, we cannot take advantage of technological transformation to be able to provide a clear direction for company growth.

2. If You Don’t Have Digital Marketing, Competitors Will Grab The Attention Of Our Customers. 

Again, we say that companies that do not have digital marketing will definitely lose a lot. When our company does not mobilize strong and competent resources to master digital marketing, our competitors will. The application of digital marketing will make it easier for business people and entrepreneurs to chat directly with new consumers or their loyal customers.
A business without customers will be a hollow business. So, don’t let our competitors get the attention of our target customers just because we don’t use digital marketing or don’t maximize their use that was built at the beginning of the business. So, from now on, set the right digital marketing strategy! Also, Read – How to Apply and Start online college classes today to get online degrees?

3. Digital Marketing Helps Us in Knowing Target Customers through Online. 

If we don’t want our target market or target customers to be taken over by competitors, then maximizing the application of digital marketing is the solution. With the maximum application of digital marketing, we can find out the level of customer demand online. Indirectly, we will know more about what our target customers like and don’t like. 
In this case, we can use keywords or keywords suggested by the Google application to attract the attention of potential customers to our business site. If one of the keywords that we use has succeeded in bringing them to visit our business site, then we know it is an interest or interest that our target customers want. 

4. Digital Marketing Gives Detailed Information about Customers. 

If you and other business partners feel that you don’t know your customers very well, then using digital marketing is the answer. We know that almost everyone agrees that media is a modern platform that can measure many things in this modern era. For example, we can find out what slang phrases are mostly used by millennial employees today, what trendy products are bought by consumers, and so on. 
The function of digital marketing can exceed the function of Google Analytics or other similar applications. In this case, Google Analytics can only help us to see the number of visits by customers or potential customers to our website but does not give us an idea of ​​what they like about our website and what they want in this modern market world. In other words, digital marketing helps us to get deeper customer information than Google Analytics. 

5. Digital Marketing Helps Us to Grow Strong “Online Value”. 

“Hey, do you know that website or Instagram account? There are so many followers, it looks like the product is good, so a lot of people buy it.” Have your Career Advice colleagues ever heard a conversation like that? Or even fellow readers themselves who say this to your co-workers or relatives? 
Yep! From the short conversation above, we can see how digital marketing will help businesses or fellow readers’ businesses to have strong “online value”. 
The application of the right digital marketing strategy will make old customers more loyal to our products, and other product customers will switch to our products. 

6. Digital Marketing can save the company’s budget. 

The presence of digital marketing also makes the company’s budget more secure and less wasteful. We no longer need to spend a lot of money to print flyers, print advertisements, make billboards, and so on (perhaps the amount can be reduced). 
That way, we can switch to digital marketing that can maximize the achievement of our business goals, but is done online so that it is more cost-effective. 

7. Digital Marketing Helps Your Business Be Famous Even though the Scope is very Broad. 

Even though the company of fellow readers has quite a large budget, the application of digital marketing is still more effective than other marketing strategies. Why is that? One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it can accelerate customer reach more quickly, precisely, and broadly. If we look at Indonesia’s vast geography from Sabang to Merauke, we might think that promoting our products and services throughout Indonesia is impossible. However, the presence of digital marketing will make things easier. The implementation of an effective and appropriate digital marketing strategy will help our business grow and become famous, even though the scope is very broad. 

8. Digital Marketing Helps Our Business to be More Dynamic. 

We live in an era of rapid change. If we do not follow the changes that occur or do not want to adapt to all the changes that exist, then we must be prepared to be left behind by our competitors. Digital marketing will help us to read all the changes that exist through online media so that our business can adapt to all these changes. 

9. Digital Marketing will Build Customer Trust in Our Business. 

It can be said that almost all customers who want to buy a product or choose a service, they will check the information available online. They will check through websites, Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms that may be able to provide reliable information and content. The good news is that this will foster a high sense of trust from customers in our business.

10. Digital Marketing can be Integrated with Traditional Marketing Strategies. 

Although digital marketing is suitable for modern marketing strategies, digital marketing can also be integrated with traditional marketing strategies. That is, we don’t just rely on digital developments to promote products and services, or use social media to reach more new customers. However, traditional marketing strategies can still be used, so that the company’s marketing strategy will be stronger. 
After listening to the 10 reasons for the importance of digital marketing above, are your fellow readers ready to own or develop your company’s digital marketing? We hope that the business of fellow readers will be more successful with the maximum implementation of digital marketing. Keep your spirits up, Career Advice colleagues.

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  1. I agree with you that in today’s scenario Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to expand your business. The tips shared above are very useful and informative for beginners and I’m sure there are some experts as well who sometimes miss out on this. Keep sharing such useful content.

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