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Rachna Doab Connects Ravi With ______?:11th December 2021 Telenor Quiz Answers

Rachna Doab Connects Ravi With ______? Telenor answer for 11th December Telenor Quiz questions and Answers today is available on PriceBey. We are here to help you find out the correct answers for all My Telenor Test your Skill questions. By Answering all these questions, any App user can get free MBs from Telenor. So this My Telenor Quiz will be available from 11th December to 12th December 2021.

Today Telenor Quiz Answers

1st Question: Rachna Doab Connects Ravi With ______?

  • Jehulam
  • Kabul
  • Skardu
  • Chenab
  • Answer: Chenab

2nd Question: What is the Urdu Word for River Bank?

  • Darya
  • Kinara
  • Samudar
  • Pahhar
  • Answer: Kinara

3rd Question: Hub dam is built of _____.

  • Hub River
  • Kumhar
  • Indus river
  • Kabul river
  • Answer: Hub River

4th Question: Mashkel river flows in which province?

  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • GB
  • Balochistan
  • Answer: Balochistan

5th Question: _____ is a term used in South Asia for the tract of Land tying between two confluent rivers.

  • Manzil
  • Sahil
  • Doab
  • Darya
  • Answer: Doab

I hope you found the 11th December Telenor Quiz Answers for today. If you have any questions regarding my Telenor Quiz Questions and Answers, feel free to contact me.

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